Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Some Halloween fun at St. Marys

You can never have enough fun during halloween and we proved it at our third lab at Saint Marys. My group duck, duck, goose got the privilege to work with the pre-k kids this time around. It was an eventful day as we started out in the classroom with the kids. I started out playing with toys at the table with Chris and Maria. I was conversating with the kids in the classroom and I had found out I was among alot of young yankee fans. After the hour of playtime, I helped set up snacktime for the kids. The pre-k students had big smiles on their faces as they ate their cookies and drank their milk. Our game followed right after snacktime for this kids. Our game consisted of four stations of motor skills and the kids would have to complete each station then repeat. The first station was crawling through the tunnel and the pre-k students did it with ease. For the second station, they had to jump across the mat. Our third station they had to leap in the hula hoop then leap out. Last but not least, for the four station the kids leap over four circular mats layed across the floor. For the most part none of the kids struggle at any of the stations. My favorite part of the lab came up next as we danced to the thriller with all the kids at Saint Marys. To conclude our halloween lab at Saint Marys Pat lead us into a parachute game where we would all have to be under the parachute at the same time. After the parachute game we ended our halloween lab on a good note.

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  1. Nice blog Cory, You are using the knowledge your gaining in 201 and applying it to the labs. Taking the effort to over and above will only make you that much better of a Physical education teacher.