Monday, November 23, 2009

Giving Thanks For P.E.

It was a warm day at St. Marys for our last day of lab before the break. My group duck, duck, goose started outside with the kids in a game of kickball. It was impressive how well they were able to kick the ball. At one point one of the kids roofed the ball, which caused a twenty second timeout as we went to find another kickball. The game must go on, so we started the game back up. Me and Jen played outfield for both teams to make it even. They made it difficult to play outfield because they were kicking the ball with such strength and precision. The pitchers were putting a spin on the ball to make it harder to hit. In the end the score of the kickball game was pretty even before we headed to the gym.

We then got our opportunity to play our game called Zone B. It was like ultimate football. We had our own variation of the game using a basketball. The kids had to catch the ball within the goal line and tag the wall with the ball. They could only take three steps while dribbling the ball. The game was fast paced and the kids had fair dribbling skills. At the end of the basketball game the score was tie, so we introduced the soccer version of the Zone B. It was difficult to play because we only had half the gym. The only difference was the kids had to trap the ball within the opposing team's goal line. This game ended up in a tie as well. In conclusion to our lab at St. Marys we did the turkey dance. It was a fun ending to a long day.

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  1. Great job in lab Cory, I thought that this week your group did great. From what your group has shown at each lab you progressively get better and always amaze me. By taking your games your modifying them like you should be and doing it well enough were it applies to all age levels. Great work you and your group has been doing a outstanding job.