Thursday, November 5, 2009

Good Morning St. Marys

As a way of seeing the kids morning routine at St. Marys, one person from each group must attend St. Marys to work with the pre-k classes. I was the first out of my group duck,duck, goose to attend the morning session at St. Marys and it was quite an experience. I was put in Mrs. Garcia classroom and welcomed in from the first minute I came through the door. Some of the kids dropped what they were doing and saided "Hey, I know you!". The first thing I did was play legos with the kids, while Mrs. Garcia called the kids up one by one to hand write their name. I noticed that the pre-k kids are much more docile in the morning then are wednesday afternoon labs. My hypothesis on this is that the students are still waking up. After the free time was clean up time and I've never seen a group of kids be so efficient at cleaning up the play area. It was pretty impressive to see the pre-k students work together cleaning up. Next was the bathroom break as the students line up behind the leader and head to the bathroom. After the bathroom break, the kids had a spanish class. I didn't know that pre-k students are now being exposed to spanish class at such an early age. After the spanish class I said my goodbyes as I headed back to motor development class.

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  1. It is a good experience to be able to view the children in another setting. Having this time to watch the teachers and how they handle the class should show you little things you can use when your trying to gain the attention of the children. Nice blog.