Sunday, November 15, 2009

Who says doing inventory isn't fun

It was circus day for our four lab at St. Marys. My group duck, duck, goose was assigned to the P.E. equipment room for the day. We knew we would get limited time with the kids, but we made the best of out of our time with the kids. To start the day at St. Marys, we helped Jenna's group the leaping lizards with their modified version of handball. The kids would have to line up and throw the tennis balls into the target zone, which was a square. The line I was in had no trouble overhand throwing the tennis balls, but they weren't very accurate. They were throwing the ball so hard against the wall that the next person in line couldn't catch it, which made the game a little hectic. I found that once they switch to bigger balls for the activity, the kids accuracy increased and the game ran smoother because the kid next in line could catch the ball easier. After the game we had to count the inventory in the P.E. equipment room. We separated the equipment, counted it, and wrote the number on a piece of paper. Doing the inventory helped us to see the importance of knowing how much equipment you have. For the song closure, we used choose to do the chicken dance at the end. It turned out great considering we had no music because the radio was low. Jen really pulled it through with her chicken dancing skills.

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