Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Super hero day at St. Marys

The second lab at Saint Marys was a positive experience. The theme of the lab was superheros. My team duck, duck, goose decided to go with a modified version of capture the flag. We called it superheros vs villans. The capture the flag game consisted on four flags on each side and a neutral zone in the middle. Hula hoops were neutral zones as well. The object of the game is to capture all four opposing team's flags. If you were tagged you would have to lie down like a buffalo and wait to get tagged back in by a teammate. I've managed to incorporate motor skills in the game for the kids to do. The kids were energetic from begining to end. The first couple of games were chaotic until Pat suggested we only have one flag per team. The game was much more organized this way. I found it much easier to manage the game with one flag instead of multiple flags. Overall, I enjoyed the capture the flag game as well as the kids.

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  1. Your videos are really impressive. Creative games like superheros and villians was very appropriate for the students. Also the way you introduce the game is important maybe next time try to have a hook or background to the game. Keep up the good work.