Friday, October 23, 2009

P.E. Hall of Shame

Dodgeball and kickball are part of the "shame" games in the P.E. program today. If we modify these two games, they can be saved from the hall of shame. For dodgeball I would divide the gym into four square quadrants. The only equipment needed is 10 foam balls and some jerseys. The game itself consist of two teams, just like regular dodgeball. Each team is divided equally into two quadrants across from each other. Just like its predcessor, the object of the game is to get everybody out on the opposing team. If you are hit you must sit down wherever you are at. A special mod I made was that if your team in the quadrant across from you threw you a ball, which must be caught before it hits the ground deems you back in the game. To win you one team must get the entire opposing team out the game. This new version of dodgeball incorporates cooperation as well as teamwork. I believe the modifications to this game get rids of the kids who stay in the back of the gym not partcipating and it makes dodgeball more team oriented. Kickball is a little more difficult to make modifications to, but this is how I would do it. There would be no changes to equipment, just three bases and a kickball. The team that is kicking would have to everybody kick at least once before someone can go again and there are no strikeouts. For people in the outfield, everyone has to play a different position each inning. So everyone gets a chance to explore the different positions and to keep from discrimating against the weaker players. The adjustments I made to this game incorporates teamwork as well as keeping everyone in the game. Both games have their flaws, but with some adjustments they can remain in the P.E. program.(Photo via

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